Purchasing Tickets: Guests can visit Ariel’s Point by purchasing their tickets online or in-person at Ariel’s House in Station 1 on Boracay’s White Beach. Daytrips to Ariel’s Point include a boat cruise, a BBQ buffet lunch, afternoon snacks, unlimited beverages (including beer and mixed drinks), cliff diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and a souvenir bracelet. The current rate is 2,800 PHP per person.

Because we will be limiting the size of our trips during Boracay’s soft opening in 2019, we recommend buying your ticket for Ariel’s Point at least two full days before your desired trip date. You can also purchase your ticket on a first-come, first-serve basis by visiting Ariel’s House before 10:30 AM on the morning of the trip. However, we cannot guarantee that tickets will still be available at this time. Please keep a copy of your receipt with you in preparation for pre-departure registration.

Pre-Departure Registration: After you have purchased your ticket, you can complete your pre-departure registration with an Ariel’s Point representative before 10:30 AM on the morning of your scheduled trip by presenting your ticket receipt and reading and signing the Ariel’s Point registration and waiver form. An information and safety briefing, which all guests are required to attend, will take place at Ariel’s House prior to departure.

Trips are offered 7 days a week (if weather and sea conditions permit), depart once a day from Ariel’s House at 11:15 AM (all guests must register in-person before 10:30 AM), and return to Boracay’s White Beach at 5:00 PM.  We would love to have you as our guest, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Note: During periods of inclement weather or rough sea conditions, trips might be cancelled or departure times modified on short notice.  For this reason, we kindly ask you to provide us with up-to-date contact information when making your reservation.  This will allow us to notify you if there are changes to our trip schedule.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made BEFORE 6:00 PM the day before the scheduled trip are fully refundable.  Cancellations made AFTER 6:00 PM the day before the scheduled trip for any reason are non-refundable. A cancellation confirmation number will be provided by our staff should you decide to cancel before 6:00 PM. Please retain this confirmation number for future reference. Additionally, a full refund will be provided if a trip is cancelled due to inclement weather, unsuitable sea conditions, or unavailable transportation as determined by the Ariel’s Point staff.
Age Requirements
Due to the nature of the activities and terrain at Ariel’s Point, children younger than 13 years old are not permitted on this trip.
Walk-In Policy
Guests who visit Ariel’s Point with their own boat are considered “walk-ins”. Because Ariel’s Point is generally closed to walk-in guests due to limited space, inclement weather, or unsuitable sea conditions, please make walk-in reservations with an official representative at Ariel’s House PRIOR to your planned visit.  There is a non-refundable entrance fee of 2,000 PHP per person for walk-ins. Please note: Since Ariel’s Point does not maintain exclusive agreements with any travel agents or commissioners, this entrance fee should not be included in the price of private boat charters or third-party island hopping tours. If you are told otherwise or have any questions, please contact an official Ariel’s Point representative before making your booking. While we would love to provide Boracay travelers and residents with more ways to reach Ariel’s Point, we have developed these policies for the comfort and safety of our guests.