How Do I Get There?

Ariel's Point Raft

Now Open! Guests can visit Ariel’s Point by purchasing their tickets at the Boracay Beach Club (which is located behind Club Paraw) in Station 1 on White Beach. Trips will be offered 7 days a week (if weather and sea conditions permit), depart once a day from the Boracay Beach Club at 11:15 AM (all guests must register in-person before 10:30 AM), and return to Boracay’s White Beach at 5:00 PM.  Ariel’s Point is 35 to 45 minutes away from Boracay Island by outrigger boat.

We recommend buying your ticket for Ariel’s Point at least one full day before your desired trip date. You can also purchase your ticket on a first-come, first-serve basis by visiting Ariel’s House before 10:30 AM on the morning of the trip. However, we cannot guarantee that tickets will still be available at this time.

Note: During periods of inclement weather or rough sea conditions, trips might be cancelled or departure times modified on short notice. For this reason, we kindly ask you to provide us with up-to-date contact information when making your reservation. This will allow us to notify you if there are changes to our trip schedule. Additionally, some tour guides on Boracay have been incorrectly telling travelers that Ariel’s Point is closed or offering trips to Ariel’s Point and then taking them to different destinations without the possibility of a refund. Because of this, we highly recommend making your booking directly through our website or by speaking with a representative at our office in the Boracay Beach Club. Thank you for your understanding.

How to Reach Boracay: Guests can reach Boracay by flying into Kalibo International Airport (Airport Code: KLO) or Caticlan Airport (Airport Code: MPH) in the province of Aklan.  Passengers will need to take ground transportation to the Caticlan Jetty Port from their respective terminal.  It is a 75-minute shuttle ride from Kalibo Airport to the Caticlan Jetty Port.  From the Caticlan Jetty Port, it is a 15-minute boat ride to Cagban Port on Boracay Island.  The travel time from Cagban Port to your hotel will typically range between 10 to 25 minutes depending on the location of your hotel and your mode of transportation.

Kalibo Airport: Kalibo International Airport (KLO) is a major hub that accommodates large aircraft as well as international flights. Guests who fly to Kalibo Airport instead of Caticlan Airport will benefit from lower fares, extra luggage allowance (depending on the airline), and more flight options. The larger planes and longer runway at Kalibo Airport also allow for a more comfortable plane ride. The vast majority of Boracay Island tourists and residents reach Boracay via Kalibo Airport.

International non-stop flights to Kalibo are now available from the following destinations: Hong Kong (Cebu Pacific), Singapore (SilkAir and Tiger Airways), Kuala Lumpur (AirAsia), Seoul (AirAsia and Philippine Airlines), and Busan (AirAsia). International travelers should consider taking one of these direct routes, since Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) can be congested resulting in frustrating flight delays for connecting passengers. Additionally, the four different terminals at NAIA are not interconnected, so additional transit time should be allotted if you are flying into and departing from different terminals. Domestic passengers can fly to Kalibo from Manila (PAL Express, AirAsia, Tiger Airways, and Cebu Pacific), Cebu (PAL Express and Cebu Pacific), and Clark (PAL Express and Tiger Airways).

Flying From Caticlan Airport: Caticlan Airport (MPH), which is also referred to as Malay Airport, is a domestic airport located in Caticlan near Boracay Island. Due to the airport’s shorter runway and smaller terminal, flights to Caticlan Airport are limited and generally more expensive than flights to Kalibo. Additionally, luggage allowances are stricter, planes are smaller (often propeller-based), and flights are occasionally diverted to Kalibo Airport due to inclement weather or congestion in Caticlan. The major benefit of flying to Caticlan Airport is the short transit time—less than 10 minutes—between Caticlan Airport and the Caticlan Jetty Port. Domestic passengers can reach Caticlan Airport from Manila (PAL Express and Cebu Pacific) and Cebu (PAL Express and Cebu Pacific).

At the current time, Ariel’s Point does not provide transportation from Kalibo International Airport and Caticlan Airport to Boracay. If it is your first time visiting Boracay, we recommend making ground transportation arrangements directly with your hotel or resort. For the most up-to-date information regarding your flight, please contact your airline or travel agent.

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