Why Should I Visit?

Ariel's Point Ladder

We want every guest that visits Ariel’s Point to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.  As you plan your various Boracay activities, we invite you to read some of the reviews that other Ariel’s Point guests have shared with us.  If you have any additional questions about Ariel’s Point (or if you have a travel article or blog you would like us to include), please let us know!

“Ariel’s Point is, by far, the best day trip from Boracay Island. That is, if you can manage to peel yourself off its beautiful beaches . . . Book in advance and make this one of the first things you do in Boracay. You’ll make friends that you’ll want to hang with for the rest of your trip. We did!” – Maggie, AFAR Travel

“I recommend Ariel’s Point for you so highly, that I feel as though a trip to Boracay without it, is a waste of time. I am a little biased though, because I enjoy having fun.” – Mike, Mike Goes MIA

“If you’re a frequent visitor (like myself) to the many island trips in South East Asia, Boracay is just like a typical beach holiday for any visitor. You have the sea, the sandy beach, plentiful hotels, shopping and good food . . . Ariel’s Point is the one place that makes Boracay interesting and different. You’ll have fun, get to meet lots of people, enjoy good food and drinks or even chillax if you can find a spot.” – Nicole, Nicole Kiss Blogspot

“Later, the scrumptious food was served and everyone attacked with gusto. It was great that they served no frills but definitely finely cooked local food. The food they served is very foreigner-friendly . . . The best part is, there’s more than enough for everybody as it keeps on refilling until we eat to our hearts’ content.” – Tarah, When in Manila

“We were just singing along and some were even dancing at the back! Talk about a BOAT PARTY, HAHAHA!!! Seriously, that ride back was the most enjoyable boatride I had in my entire life.” – Casey, Soooo Blogging This!!!!


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