Now Open! Featured in Asian Traveler, Cosmopolitan, and Mabuhay magazines as a top Boracay attraction, Ariel’s Point is an exciting daytrip destination for Boracay visitors and residents. Located 35 to 45 minutes away from Boracay Island by outrigger boat, this eco-adventure paradise provides guests with the opportunity to cliff dive, kayak, and snorkel in an unspoiled tropical setting.

Ariel's Point Cliff JumpingWhether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a nature lover, or just looking to make new friends, a trip to Ariel’s Point is a great way to make your Boracay holiday an unforgettable one. The Huffington Post recently listed Ariel’s Point as one of the top cliff diving destinations in the world, and the daytrip package has been recommended by Fodor’s Travel as well as award-winning travel bloggers.

Guests can visit Ariel’s Point by purchasing their tickets at the Boracay Beach Club (which is located behind Club Paraw) in Station 1 on White Beach. Trips will be offered 7 days a week (if weather and sea conditions permit), depart once a day from the Boracay Beach Club at 11:15 AM (all guests must register in-person before 10:30 AM), and return to Boracay’s White Beach at 5:00 PM.  Ariel’s Point is 35 to 45 minutes away from Boracay Island by outrigger boat.

We recommend buying your ticket for Ariel’s Point at least one full day before your desired trip date. You can also purchase your ticket on a first-come, first-serve basis by visiting Ariel’s House before 10:30 AM on the morning of the trip. However, we cannot guarantee that tickets will still be available at this time.

Note: During periods of inclement weather or rough sea conditions, trips might be cancelled or departure times modified on short notice. For this reason, we kindly ask you to provide us with up-to-date contact information when making your reservation. This will allow us to notify you if there are changes to our trip schedule. Additionally, some tour guides on Boracay have been incorrectly telling travelers that Ariel’s Point is closed or offering trips to Ariel’s Point and then taking them to different destinations without the possibility of a refund. Because of this, we highly recommend making your booking directly through our website or by speaking with a representative at our office in the Boracay Beach Club. Thank you for your understanding.